Friday, July 10, 2009

Is it worth the risk?

With granite and marble being all the rage, I have wondered if the expense and unique look is worth the risk to our own personal health, the health of those who work in the industry (not only here in the United States but around the world), and the health of our planet. I’m usually not one to bash industries or those who are working in those industries and I am defiantly not an environmentalist, I do believe in the use of the sustainable recourses that our plant has to offer, but at what cost. I recently discovered a web site that offered a look into the real risks that come from the stone industry, granted they are pro Solid Surface, but all of their arguments are backed by university and government studies as well as studies done by the stone industry themselves.

When my father and I decided to open our business we both had work for companies that offered stone as well as solid surface and laminate. We weighed the pro’s and con’s of each and without any outside influences we choose solid surface as the best overall counter option and for the past 8 years have fought to convince others that we had made the correct choice. Now after reading the information offered on this site I believe I have found the resource to back my claims and the old adage that people have used stone for thousands of years and it hasn’t hurt any one can be put to rest. I can see whole mountains carved up gone forever, workers dying of lung cancer, towns drinking water tainted from rivers that flow from quarries, installed into peoples home’s where radon slowly seeps into the air and bacteria grows infecting the inhabitants. Sounds kind of like a horror movie, but it happens every day. All I ask is you read the information on this site before you make a decision on your counters and ask yourself “is it worth the risk?” can you live with the knowledge of the harm you will be causing to the countless people around the world and to those who share your home, and to the planet we all share

We offer a full line of Solid Surface products that are not only beautiful, but are renewable and hygienic. Some are even made with recycled materials. All can be restored to their original condition and if removed can be retro fitted for other uses keeping them out of the land fill.

Contact us today to see how Solid Surface can change your life.

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